SPFBO 6 Phase 1

Welcome to my not-so-official SPFBO page!

Before we get to the details of SPFBO 6 Phase 1, let’s get the formalities out of the way first:

The Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off is hosted by none other than Mark Lawrence, author of The Broken Empire, The Red Queen’s War, The Book of Ancestor and Impossible Times trilogies. 300 books compete, judged by 10 blogs and at the end of 10 long, bloody months 1 winner will emerge. You can find every detail on Mark’s SPFBO page along with the process of all 10 blogs in Phase 1.

Team RockStarlit BookAsylum is back for another year! We also got new members and a different process than last year. Instead of everyone sampling all 30 books, we decided to divide our lot among us (everyone got to pick 2 they were most interested in reading, and the rest got sorted randomly). Everyone will pick their favourite from their batch, we’ll read them and eventually pick our finalist.

Find out more about us and how we are going to do things in this Introduction post!

As the other blogs, we got 30 books assigned as well. We have 5 judges, who each will pick 1 semi-finalist once we get through our 6 books each. We will try to write as many reviews as we can. Each judge will have one post up during July – September with mini reviews for their 5 cuts and announcing their semi-finalist. From September through October we’ll post our joint reviews of all 5 semi-finalists before we announce our finalist sometime toward the end of October. Below you can follow our process.

Where available, the book titles are linked to their Goodreads pages.

Color code:

  • Red: cut
  • Blue: choosen as semi-finalist


Clare SagerBeneath Black SailsBeneath Black Sails1386 
D.K. HolmbergThe Edge of DarknessThe Volatar Saga1501
Sean HarrisInescapableVampire Wars1242
E.L. AldrycMy Friend, The GiftedThe Universe of Infinite Wonder1281
Ela BambustDemon Queen   
Eric SparksTruth UnearthedA False Dawn1304

Check out Belle’s mini reviews and semi-finalist announcement!


Scott WarrenThe Dragon’s Banker263
S. KaethBetween StarfallsChildren of the Nexus14426
Amanda FleetAegyir RisesGuardians of the Realm12797.5
6Bekah BergeThe Whisperings in the ShadowsShadow13286
Edward NileIronshieldThe Ironshield Saga16047.2
Michelle ConnorWhere Ravens SoarNine World Protection Agency11346.2

Check out Jen’s mini reviews and semi-finalist announcement!


Dave DobsonFlames Over FrosthelmInquisitors’ Guild1317 4.5
Eric T KnightThe Knights of DragonwatchThe Dragon Queen of Chaos1268 
Stuart KurthTwo BladesTrue Steel Trilogy1596
Ginger LiHalf-Blood MageLight and Fire1282 4
T K P SternbergThe Singing GoldPathfinder of Svitjod1496 6.5
Brett HumphreyAwakeningDragonborn1149 3

Check out Nick’s mini reviews and semi-finalist announcement!


Nicholas McIntireThe Hunter’s GambitArchanium Codex1653 
C M DebellSilver Mage1049
Rainbow MaccabrePolitical Nightmare– 356 3
Gracen BridgesAftershocksEarthcore3169 4
S.L RowlandSentenced to TrollSentenced to Troll1274 3

Check out Peter’s mini reviews and semi-finalist announcement!


Michael R. FletcherBlack Stone HeartThe Obsidian Path1487 
Chris R. UnderwoodShadow of the Lantern BearerThe Golden Remnant Saga1483 7.5
Jennifer R. PoveyFirewing242 3
D.H. WillisonHarpyness is Only Skin Deep297 5
Jonathan PembrokeRumble in WoodhollowThe Holly Sisters1494 6
Lily LashleyEpilogue    7

Check out Timy’s mini reviews and semi-finalist announcement!

The titles are linked to Amazon!

Scott WarrenThe Dragon’s Banker
Clare SagerBeneath Black Sails
Michael R. FletcherBlack Stone Heart
Nicholas McIntireThe Hunter’s Gambit
Eric T. KnightThe Knights of Dragonwatch
The HostType of partyLink
Ela Bambustpark tea-party and picnicJoin the party!
Eric Sparkshouse partyJoin the party!
T K P SternbergpicnicJoin the party!
E. L. Aldrychouse partyJoin the party!
D. H. WillisonfestivalJoin the party
Jonathan PembrokeDrink-Because-We-Can PartyJoin the party!

The Reaping – Jen: the first 5 falls and we have our first semi-finalist!

The Reaping – Belle: the second 5 falls and we have our second semi-finalist!

The Reaping – Timy: the third 5 falls and we have our third semi-finalist!

The Reaping – Peter: the fourth 5 (well, 4) falls and we have our fourth semi-finalist!

The Reaping – Nick: the fifth and last 5 falls and we have our fifth semi-finalist!

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