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When the 1st anniversary of my blog came around I wanted to have a unique way to celebrate it. I could go whipping up a huge list and saying thank you like I was giving an Oscar award winning speech or something, but I had a better thing on mind. I decided to invite 10 authors and 10 bloggers/reviewers who I had become friends with in this past year and who supported me in any way. And then reversed the roles! Authors had become the ones asking the questions and bloggers found themselves on the other side, answering them. I had quite a lot of fun coming up with the questions for the bloggers and even more with answering the ones I received. Even if I sometimes cursed them πŸ˜‰ And you can find out how all of us did:

Author Edition

What to expect?
Ben Galley Author of the Emaneska series, The Scarlet Star and The Chasing Graves trilogies and The Heart of Stone novel I was made to choose between having an army of rats and pigeons (I came up with a very good reasoning too!), and I pick my lunch partners for pizza πŸ™‚
Keith McArdle Author of the Unforseen series as well as the Ironstone Saga I laid out my plans for the rest of the year – concerts, travels, all the fun stuff, and I talk about my short story officially for the first time!
Steven McKinnon Author of the Raincatcher’s Ballad series, SPFBO finalist I had a bit of a hard time with this one, I talk about blog plans, lessons I’ve learned and have a mini heart attack.
Daniel E. Olesen Author of The Prince of Cat and the Chronicles of Adalmerac Daniel managed to bring out my worst side… burglary, torturing and a lot of fun stuff happened in this one…
Josh Erikson Author of the Ethereal Earth series, SPFBO semi-finalist I have to chose sides in the great desserts war, I recall sad memories and save humanity. Possibly.
D.P. Woolliscroft Author of the Wildfire Cycle He made me talk about pet peeves, Hungarian traditions and I have cute childhood photos for you!
Devin Madson Author of the Vengeance trilogy and The Reborn Empire series, SPFBO finalist She made me spill some dark secrets, namely how I lost my cousin in a wood, I give my opinion about pinapples on pizza and I tell what animal I would ride into a battle.
Benedict Patrick Author of the Yarnsworld series He seriously made me question our friendship with his question about pandas… but I also talked about where my love for reading came, about music and guilty pleasures.
Jeramy Goble Author of the The Akallian Tales trilogy, theΒ Coven Queen, and the Moving Targets series I talk about Budapest, my blogging future, the community and what animal I wish could talk.
Michael Baker Author of the Counterbalance series, mapmaker I pick my own road trip crew and make a confession about Lord of the Rings.
Lee C. Conley Author of The Dead Sagas series, musician, swordman I loved coming up with my own weapon, though it needs a bit more working on… We also talked a lot about music and, well, books. Duh.
Clayton Snyder Author of The Balance series and most recently The River of Thieves Probably this was the most entertaining one. Mostly because I had no idea half of the time what the hell he meant by his questions πŸ˜€
Dyrk Ashton Author of the Paternus trilogy among other things This was a fun one as well. I got to gush about Budapest, and I also got accused of taking part in the Pants Heist. Oh and I came up with an awesome book idea too. You are welcome.
David Hambling Author of the Harry Stubbs series alongside with several other Lovecraftian novels I loved this one, I talked about writing, being bilingual, music and what kind of character I would be (a kick ass one, naturally).
Graham Austin-King Author of the Riven Wyrde Saga, Faithless and The Lore of Prometheus Heh, he made me uncomfortable by talking about my blogger failures and what annoys me. I also picked some company for the Asylum.
Phil Williams Author of the Ordshaw series I talk about cool underground places in Budapest, reviewing and whether I’d have swearing knees or two heads.

Blogger Edition


What to expect?
Jen (Bunnyreads) My reviewer here at RockStarlit BookAsylum, bunny lover and good friend πŸ™‚ We did things a bit differently and took turns asking all the important questions, like do I like bunnies?
Nick T. Borrelli Owner of the Out of This World SFF Reviews blog, Godfather of the Friday GIF War on twitter Did you know he was an aspiring rock star? I highly approve his choice of cellmate. Also, he is very flattering πŸ™‚
Swiff (Adam Weller) My fellow SPFBO judge, reviewer at Fantasy Book Review I like Swiff’s humor and had a few LOL moments while reading his answers. He is quite violent and a big fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Jay Clementi Owner and reviewer at Jetpacks N Dragons, one of my first Twitter buddies Jay is not quite the adventurous type it seems.
Jason Aycock Owner and reviewer at Off The TBR, one of the most supportive bloggers and all around nice guy πŸ™‚ Turns out Jason is a fellow history junkie and a GOT fan.
Lynn Kempner Owner of the Grimmedian, guest judge in SPFBO for Queen of costumes, and let’s face it, we can all approve of her choice of cellmate.
David Walters You probably better know him as FanFiAddict He’d like to live with RJ Barker, has an excellent choice of pet and I loved the Friends reference there!
Filip Magnus Reviewer at and The Grimoire Reliquary, youtuber, aspiring writer He says he can do aΒ Mark Hammil-esque Joker impression, he is a huge Malazan fan and not really friendly toward the merfolk.
Emma Davis Reviewer and fellow SPFBO judge at Fantasy Book Review Crazy cat lady, Malazan fan, she thirsts for power and loves Toothless as much as I do.
Mihir Wanchoo Blogger and fellow SPFBO judge at Fantasy Book Critic, member of Fantasy Hive He knows everything about Indian culture, haven’t seen any Star Wars films (I’m right there with you buddy).
Holly (The Grimdragon) Blogger, reviewer for Fantasy Book Review and Grimdark Magazine Polite Canadian lady with a dirty mouth. Star Wars, Stephen King and Joe Abercrombie enthusiast.
Caitlin G. Realms of My Mind Blogger, gamer, Star Wars enthusiast.
Justine Bergman Whispers & Wonder, Fantasy Book Critic, Fantasy Hive Blogger, game designer, and one of the most awesome person I got to know in the community.
Noly The Artsy Reader Noly is one of the nicest blogger I got to know thanks to the WriteReads gang πŸ™‚
TS Chan Novel Notions TS is an awesome fantasy blogger I got to hang out with in Dublin.
Andrea (Little Red Reviewer) Little Red Reviewer Andrea has been blogging for 10 years. Can you believe that? 10 freaking years. Wow. I like her views on blogging though!


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