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When the 1st anniversary of my blog came around I wanted to have a unique way to celebrate it. I could go whipping up a huge list and saying thank you like I was giving an Oscar award winning speech or something, but I had a better thing on mind. I decided to invite 10 authors and 10 bloggers/reviewers who I had become friends with in this past year and who supported me in any way. And then reversed the roles! Authors had become the ones asking the questions and bloggers found themselves on the other side, answering them. I had quite a lot of fun coming up with the questions for the bloggers and even more with answering the ones I received. Even if I sometimes cursed them 😉 And you can find out how all of us did:

Author Edition

What to expect?
Ben Galley Author of the Emaneska series, The Scarlet Star and The Chasing Graves trilogies and The Heart of Stone novel. I was made to choose between having an army of rats and pigeons (I came up with a very good reasoning too!), and I pick my lunch partners for pizza 🙂
Keith McArdle Author of the Unforseen series as well as the Ironstone Saga. I laid out my plans for the rest of the year – concerts, travels, all the fun stuff, and I talk about my short story officially for the first time!
Steven McKinnon Author of the Raincatcher’s Ballad series, SPFBO finalist. I had a bit of a hard time with this one, I talk about blog plans, lessons I’ve learned and have a mini heart attack.
Daniel E. Olesen Author of The Prince of Cat and the Chronicles of Adalmerac. Daniel managed to bring out my worst side… burglary, torturing and a lot of fun stuff happened in this one…
Josh Erikson Author of the Ethereal Earth series, SPFBO semi-finalist. I have to chose sides in the great desserts war, I recall sad memories and save humanity. Possibly.

Blogger Edition

What to expect?
Jen (Bunnyreads) My reviewer here at RockStarlit BookAsylum, bunny lover and good friend 🙂 We did things a bit differently and took turns asking all the important questions, like do I like bunnies?
Nick T. Borrelli Owner of the Out of This World SFF Reviews blog, Godfather of the Friday GIF War on twitter. Did you know he was an aspiring rock star? I highly approve his choice of cellmate. Also, he is very flattering 🙂
Swiff (Adam Weller) My fellow SPFBO judge, reviewer at Fantasy Book Review. I like Swiff’s humor and had a few LOL moments while reading his answers. He is quite violent and a big fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Jay Clementi Owner and reviewer at Jetpacks N Dragons, one of my first Twitter buddies. Jay is not quite the adventurous type it seems
Jason Aycock Owner and reviewer at Off The TBR, one of the most supportive bloggers and all around nice guy 🙂 Turns out Jason is a fellow history junkie and a GOT fan.

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