Tales from the Asylum

Tales from the Asylum is a new feature I came up with for SPFBO. I wanted to create a unique opportunity for the authors to show off their story telling skills by taking their characters and putting them in an asylum room to see how they would deal with the situation. A lot can happen in a closed space…

Although it was originally created for SPFBO5, I’d like to keep it going as a monthly feature once the competition is over. This page will serve as the hub for everything Tales from the Asylum related.


Tales from SPFBO5 Finalists

Sonya M. Black Lisa Cassidy
Darian Smith Angela Boord

Tales from Team RockStarlit BookAsylum’s authors

Brian D. Meeks Helen B. Anderson
Joel Spriggs Paul Freeman
Catherine Schaff-Stump I. W. Ferguson
C.F. Welburn Benjamin Hope
Gregory Mattix Anela Deen
Camilla Ochlan, Bonita Gutierrez Victoria Corva
J.B. Allen Rainbow Maccabre
Robin Lythgoe Drew Montgomery
S.J. Hartland


Tales from SPFBO5 authors from other groups

David H. Reiss Mark Huntley-James
Joyce Reynolds-Ward R.M. Garino
L. L. Thomsen Jon Auerbach
Graham Austin-King Noor Al-Shanti
Huw Steer

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