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Dear Author, Publisher, Reader

Thank you for visiting Queen’s Book Asylum and for your interest in contacting us. Before you do so, please note our current status for accepting review requests and read our guidelines below.

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I don’t take requests for:
  • Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Erotica
  • Military fiction
  • Poetry/Verse
  • Self-help
  • Memoirs/Biographies
  • Religious non-Fiction
  • Sci-fi
  • Comedic Fiction
I love to read:
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Crime Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction

I’m looking for books with themes of found family, friendships, mystery. I love everything with mythology, or a strong folk tale vibe. If music is a strong feature, sign me up! I prefer snarky humor or dark humor, but when it comes to humor, anything can be a hit or miss. I definitely don’t like bathroom humor. 

While I ready pretty widely in the Fantasy genre, I’m less likely to accept a request for Epic Fantasy, Nautical Fantasy and Military Fantasy. I don’t like too many battles in my books. YA I might consider, but I’m leaning more toward fiction aimed at an adult audience.

I’m okay with books containing violence as far as it’s not too excessive. I’ve read some great Grimdark books in my time, so that’s fine. I also don’t mind LGBTQ content. 

These days I take up audiobooks more quickyly, so if you happen to have one, that’s definitely a plus!





I don’t take requests for:
  • Erotica
  • Poetry/Verse
  • Self-help
  • Memoirs/Biographies
  • Religious non-Fiction

I am a mood reader so will venture outside of my norms occasionally for a break, meaning requests will be taken on a book-to-book basis and the below portion is more of a guideline. 

I love to read sci-fi/fantasy – pretty much everything under that umbrella (epic, coming of age, YA, adventurey type, military etc, and fairy-tale retellings). I’m not too tired of all the fantasy tropes yet.

I sometimes read fantasy romance, steam punk, urban fantasy, pulpy sci-fi, and wuxia.

I rarely read LitRPG, magical realism, history/alt history, or hard sci-fi.

I read romance but I rarely ever take requests for it. I am picky about straight-up romance. 

I don’t like too bleak or depressing. If it’s dark, that’s fine but there has to be a bit of light, or hope, or amazing characters at the end of that bleakbow. (I need payoff for the struggles)

I am pretty ok with most violence and I especially love fight scenes of all types… swords, knives, hand to hand, far away, military, bring ‘em on.

It’s not a deal clencher, but I prefer not to have a lot of (or any, if it can be helped) onscreen rape. 

And lastly, I am totally ok with any LGBTQ content.





I don’t take requests for:
  • Western
  • Military-focused stories/military fiction
  • Erotica
  • Poetry/Verse
  • Romance
  • Self-help
  • Memoirs/Biographies
  • Religious non-fiction


I love to read:
  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Stories centered on diverse protagonists and cultures
  • Ownvoices stories
  • Cultural fiction/non-fiction
  • Worldbuilding
  • Creative mix of genres

I’ll read any age group, from children’s to adult.

Other favorite themes/genres/subgenres I love to read about: A.I., mythology, crime fantasy, cyberpunk, steampunk, biopunk, science fantasy, historical (non-white cultures prefered but not exclusively), crime/mystery, thriller, court politics, galactic empires, space opera, social/political/cultural sff, tech-noir, dark fantasy, grimdark, gray morality, alien predator, ancient cultures, queer/lgbtq+ relationships and protaginists, stories centered on friendship

Review Request Guidelines
When sending us a review request, please include the following information:
  • Book title
  • Genre specification
  • Page count
  • Blurb
  • Amazon link (if available)
  • Website/social media links
  • Trigger warnings*
  • Whom (if any) of us you’d specifically like to review your book (if more of us are open or you don’t have a personal relationship with any of us)
We take every request on a case by case basis, meaning that a review request won’t automatically mean that we’ll accept it. If we have an existing relationship/read your book before, then you may reach out to us about upcoming releases regardless what our indicator shows about our openness. We are also open to discussion regarding promo posts such as interview, guest post, cover reveal or other spotlight. If and when we accept your review request, we’ll take either .mobi, .epub or physical copies. We do not accept .pdf or .doc files.

*A list of trigger warnings you might use, but you can also add your own. Please note, that including any of these doesn’t automatically means a rejection, we just would like to be forewarned:

Addiction, Pedophilia, Abuse, Substance Abuse, Animal cruelty, Queerphobia, Body horror (if it’s not a book in the horror or grimdark genre), Bullying, Fatphobia, Terminal illness, Chronic illness, Mental Illness, Degenerative Illness, Cannibalism, Deadnaming, Eating disorder, Genocide, Gore, Violence (graphic, gun, etc), Incest, Miscarriage, Mass shootings, Police brutality, Racial bigotry/Racism, Religious bigotry, Self-harm, Suicide, Suicidal thoughts, Rape, Human trafficking, Torture

Our Rating System
We’ll use a 5 crown judgement system as follows (we’ll give .5-s too, because we can):
  • 1 crown – Their name shall be erased
  • 1.5 crowns – Let them be buried
  • 2 crowns – Off with their head
  • 2.5 crowns – Into a cell with them
  • 3 crowns – They shall live
  • 3.5 crowns – Might require their services
  • 4 crowns – Let their deeds be noted
  • 4.5 crowns – They shall be remembered
  • 5 crowns – Praise their name 

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