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My name is Timy and I’m here to help you to make your manuscript really shine! I’ve been a book blogger since 2018 March, but even before that I had the honour to meet and work as proofreader and beta reader with self-published authors, providing detailed feedback.

I believe in honesty and I will always let you know what I think. I am easy to work with and my first priority is to make your book succeed, but I also will work hard to build up a work relationship from which both of us can profit – mostly by learning and improving ourselves through the process.

I’m really excited to see what awesome books will be finding their way to me. If you have a manuscript ready and need an extra pair of eyes, you are at the right place! Contact me and let’s figure out how I can help you.

Services I Offer

I mainly have experience in proofreading and beta reading, so this is where I can help you the most.

Beta reading is essential to root out logical holes and any weak parts of your story: does the chemistry between characters work? Does this twist have the right effect? Does that scene need a bit more work? Many similar questions can arise once you feel like your book is mostly done. That’s where you need beta readers to give your book a go and point out what works and what doesn’t. I will give you detailed feedback on characters, plot, pace and anything else you need help with.

Proofreading requires understanding of grammar as well as sharp eyes. I’ve always had a skill to spot typos and any other small mistakes. So if your manuscript is already done, but it still needs a last check to make sure there isn’t anything missing, then I’m your person.

I’m an avid fantasy reader, so that genre is the closest to me, but I’m also happy to take any other works of fiction. I have a degree in History and History of Religions, so anything involving myths or real life events are most welcome.


As I mentioned, I had the honour to work with several really talented authors. I could sing praises about myself, but who would believe me? I’ll let these people talk for me instead:

If anyone is looking for a professional beta/proofreader, I highly recommend Timy.

Her criticism was relevant, constructive, and comically brutal. And my manuscript is much stronger because of it.

Paul Sheppard, author of The Wolf We Feed

Benedict Patrick

Timy will tear your manuscript apart. With love.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting early feedback from Timy for my last few novels. During her time in the fantasy community, Timy has built up a reputation as a reviewer who will give insightful, honest accounts of the books she has read, and she will apply this skill set to your book as well. Let me make this very clear: Timy will give you honest feedback, sometimes brutally so, AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED. I’ve certainly learned to trust Timy to tell me where my stories soar, and where the text needs a bit more work.

– Benedict Patrick, author of the Yarnsworld series

Ulff Lehmann

Timy Takács has a keen eye for detail and has helped me fix several mistakes that would have otherwise fallen through the cracks. Utterly reliable!
Ulff Lehmann, author of the Light in the Dark series

Damien Black

Diligent beta reading – Timy knows English better than most native speakers, and her attention to content and grammar are top notch; she is extremely knowledgeable and well-read, and a swift worker who understands the importance of deadlines.

Her reviews are both thorough and honest; she is not afraid to give positive and negative criticism, and will always back up her opinions with a sound argument and/or salient examples. Though assertive as needed, she is always polite and professional, which makes her a pleasure to deal with.

Highly recommended!

– Damien Black, author of the Broken Stone Chronicle series


I’m happy to accept any length of writing, be it short story, novella or novel and I’ve set up prices according to word count. They are as follows:


Up to 80K – 65$ (or equivalent € or £ based on your preference)

Up to 120K – 80$ (or equivalent € or £ based on your preference)

Over 120K – 95$ (or equivalent € or £ based on your preference)

Beta reading

Up to 80K – 55$ (or equivalent € or £ based on your preference)

Up to 120K – 70$ (or equivalent € or £ based on your preference)

Over 120K – 85$ (or equivalent € or £ based on your preference)

Proofreading + beta reading package

I will not only going to make sure there won’t be any typos left in your manuscript but will give you detailed feedback as well.

Up to 80K – 95$ (or equivalent € or £ based on your preference)

Up to 120K – 110$ (or equivalent € or £ based on your preference)

Over 120K – 125$ (or equivalent € or £ based on your preference)

How to Get in Contact?

If you’d like to acquire my services, you can fill out the form below (though sadly, you can’t attach any files…) or contact me at starlitbook@gmail.com. Please send along a sample of your work so I could see what I should work with, as well as a short description of your story. I look forward to hearing from you! Please let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer or find a solution that would work for you!


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