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Dear Author, Publisher, Reader!

We are not open for review requests at the moment, but we would be happy to hear from you in case you are looking for other ways to promote yourself, such as cover reveal, interview or something original. Thank you for your understanding!

If you are looking for something to broaden your visibility, please consider taking up our blog/instagram/youtube tour services we offer to indie SFF authors over at Storytellers On Tour! Justine from Whispers & Wonder and I would be happy to work with you!

Thanks for your interest in my book reviews, ramblings and what not. Before you contact me, here is a guide of what to expect from me:

I read Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Crime and Historical Fiction books mainly. Please don’t ask me to read/review Romance, Paranormal Romance or Erotica novels, because I’ll refuse to do it. I’m not that kind of girl, but I’m sure there are a lot of fine ladies and gents who would be happy to do so. YA I might consider depending on the blurb/excerpt.

While I’m happy to receive physical copies (it’s a nice change to carry one around once in a while and which book blogger doesn’t like to have physical copies anyway to show off on their shelves??) I personally prefer e-books. I’m based in Budapest, Hungary, so I would spare some shipping cost for you. I’m nice like that.

I will consider any requests coming my way, but please note, that I might not accept to read your book if I don’t think it’s up my alley. I reply to any requests, so if you don’t hear back from me, please feel free to send query because most probably I just need a reminder that I forgot something.

I believe in honesty, and I will tell you my real feelings/thoughts about your work. I might be a bit sarcastic in the process, but I prefer it that way. I will also try to restrain myself from using spoilers. I don’t want to ruin other’s reading experience, do I? Minor spoilers might appear (nothing to ruin the experience hopefully) and I will note it at the beginning.

I’ll use a 5 crown judgement system as follows (I’ll give .5-s too, because I can):

  • 1 crown – Their name shall be erased: No, just no. It was horrible, I didn’t finish it. Please keep away from this one! And if you read it anyway, please tell me why on earth did I thought it would be a good read?
  • 1.5 crowns – Let them be buried
  • 2 crowns – Off with their head: It wasn’t good, but I finished it for some reasons. It wasn’t really worth the time. At least I spare your time telling you not to bother.
  • 2.5 crowns – Into a cell with them
  • 3 crowns – They shall live: It was OK, nothing special. Not exactly a waste of time and there might be some people to whom it will appeal. Probably won’t follow the series (in case it’s a series, obviously), probably I will. Who knows? I like to be mysterious 😉
  • 3.5 crowns – Might require their services
  • 4 crowns – Let their deeds be noted: It was good! I’ll keep an eye on the author in the future and happily recommend it to others. And will keep nudging them to read it too.
  • 4.5 crowns – They shall be remembered
  • 5 crowns – Praise their name: Brilliant! I just loved it! I could hardly find a flaw in it, and will rave about it to anyone who listens to me. And to those who don’t, because you know, you really have to read this one. I will force you too if I have to. Never underestimate a hardly 5 feet tall girl with a hardcover book in her hands 😉

If you still feel like contacting me or just want to leave a message because you are a nice person, then fill out the form below.

If you prefer other form of contacts like e-mail, or social media, here you go:

E-mail: starlitbook[at]gmail[dot]com

Social media: Facebook, Twitter (@starlitbook) and Goodreads


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