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Dear Author, Publisher, Reader!

Thanks for your interest in my book reviews, ramblings and what not. Before you contact me, here is a guide of what to expect from me:

I read Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Crime and Historical Fiction books mainly. Please don’t ask me to read/review Romance, Paranormal Romance or Erotica novels, because I’ll refuse to do it. I’m not that kind of girl, but I’m sure there are a lot of fine ladies and gents who would be happy to do so. YA I might consider depending on the blurb/excerpt.

While I’m happy to recieve physical copies (it’s a nice change to carry one around once in a while) I personally prefer e-books. I’m based in Budapest, Hungary, so I would spare some shipping cost for you. I’m nice like that.

I accept requests at the moment, but please note that I can’t promise to read your book immediately or at all, if it doesn’t appeal to me. I have a limited reading time because of stupid real life things like working. I can, however, give you an estimated time (right now it probably won’t happen before September) when I’ll be able to read/review your book if I accept your request. I will try to hold myself to that, but if anything unexpected happens, I’ll let you know in advance (or at least as soon as I can).

I believe in honesty, and I will tell you my real feelings/thoughts about your work. I might be a bit sarcastic in the process, but I prefer it that way. I will also try to restrain myself from using spoilers. I don’t want to ruin other’s reading experience, do I? Minor spoilers might appear (nothing to ruin the experience hopefully) and I will note it at the beginning. I will also point out typos and errors because it irritates me and somehow my eyes are totally trained on finding those f*ckers πŸ™‚

I’ll use a 5 star rating as follows (I’ll give .5-s too, because I can):

  • 1 star: No, just no. It was horrible, I didn’t finish it. Please keep away from this one! And if you read it anyway, please tell me why on earth did I thought it would be a good read?
  • 2 star: It wasn’t good, but I finished it for some reasons. It wasn’t really worth the time. At least I spare your time telling you not to bother.
  • 3 star: It was OK, nothing special. Not exactly a waste of time and there might be some people to whom it will appeal. Probably won’t follow the series (in case it’s a series, obviously), probably I will. Who knows? I like to be mysterious πŸ˜‰
  • 4 star: It was good! I’ll keep an eye on the author in the future and happily recommend it to others. And will keep nudging them to read it too.
  • 5 star: Brilliant! I just loved it! I could hardly find a flaw in it, and will rave about it to anyone who listens to me. And to those who don’t, because you know, you really have to read this one. I will force you too if I have to. Never underestimate a hardly 5 feet tall girl with a hardcover book in her hands πŸ˜‰

If you still feel like contacting me or just want to leave a message because you are a nice person, then fill out the form below.

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