Book Index


Anthony, A.Z.: Bloodrage trilogy

Servant of Rage

Armstrong, Ashe: Grimluk, Demon Hunter series

The Demons Within

Ashton, Dyrk: Paternus trilogy

Rise of Gods

Wrath of Gods

Austin-King, Graham: The Lore of Prometheus


Baxter, Alan: Devouring Dark

Bennett, Toby: The Inner Sea Cycle

The Endless Ocean

Bierce, John: Mage Errant series

Into the Labyrinth

Black, Damien: Broken Stone Chronicle series

Devil’s Night Dawning

Warlock’s Sun Rising

Brandes, Nadine: Fawkes


Collins, Adrian: Knee-Deep in Grit

Collins, Adrian: Grimdark Magazine

Issue 17

Issue 18


Downing, Elliott: Some Distant Sunrise


Eames, Nicholas: The Band series

Kings of the Wyld

Ellingsen, Cynthia: The Lighthouse Keeper

Erikson, Josh: Ethereal Earth series

Hero Forged


Forman, Gayle: If I Stay duology

Where She Went (book 2)

Frohock, T.: Los Nefilim series

Where Oblivion Lives


Galley, Ben: The Chasing Graves trilogy

Chasing Graves

Grim Solace

Green, Simon R.: Nightside series

Nightingale’s Lament (book 3)

Hex and the City (book 4)


Hambling, David: Harry Stubbs series

The Elder Ice

Broken Meats

Alien Stars

Hayes, Rob J.: The Best Laid Plan duology

Where Loyalties Lie

Hayes, Rob J.: Never Die

Hendrix, Grady: We Sold Our Souls

Hughes, Laura M.: Danse Macabre




Kaelen, Scott: The Fractured Tapestry series

The Blighted City

Kang, JC: Legends of Tivara series

Masters of Deception

Kelly, Rosalyn: In the Heart of the Mountains


Khlopenko, Alex: Three Crows Magazine

Issue 2

Kohanek, Jeffrey L.: Wardens of Issalia series

An Imperial Gambit (book 3)


Larkin, Matt: Eschaton Cycle

Darkness Forged

Leckie, Ann: The Raven Tower

LeClerc, Patrick: The Vagabond Healer

Out of Nowhere

Lehmann, Ulff: Light in the Dark series

Shattered Dreams

Shattered Hopes

Leyva, Alcy: Shades of Hell series

And Then There Were Crows

Lost Lore: A Fantasy Anthology


Madson, Devin: The Reborn Empire series

We Ride the Storm

We Lie With Death

McKay, Steven A.: The Forest Lord series

Wolf’s Head

McKinnon, Steven: The Raincatcher’s Ballad

Symphony of the Wind

Moore, Scotto: Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You

Morris, Mary: The Jazz Palace

Morris, Mike: Nathaniel Rane series

He Who Fights

Murray, D.M.: Red Season series

Red Season Rising


Norfield, A.J.: Stone War Chronicles series

Wavebreaker (book 2, Part 1)


Ogden, Dennis: Goose Hunt

Oliver, David: The Great Hearts

Olesen, Daniel E.: The Prince of Cats


Patrick, Benedict: Yarnsworld series

And They Were Never Heard From Again

They Mostly Come Out At Night

Those Brave, Foolish Souls from the City of Swords

From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court

Phipps, C.T.: Bright Falls Mysteries series

I Was a Teenage Weredeer

An American Weredeer in Michigan

Phipps, C.T.: Straight Outta Fangton series

Straight Outta Fangton

Presley, M.D.: Sol’s Harvest series

The Woven Ring (book 1)

The Glass Dagger (book 3)




Sansom, C.J.: Matthew Shardlake series


Schaefer, Courtney: Shattered Sigil series

The Whitefire Crossing

Schaefer, Craig: Wisdom’s Grave trilogy

Sworn to the Night

Detonation Boulevard

Shel, Mike: Iconoclasts series

Aching God

Smith, Vance: Jack and Jill series

Jack and Jill: Up a Hill


Teller, Jesse: Manhunters series




Vallier, R.D.: Darkshine series



Wang, M.L.: The Sword of Kaigen

Wanstall-Burke, Alicia: The Coraidic Saga

Blood of Heirs

Wilson, G. Willow: The Bird King

Woolliscroft, D.P.: The Wildfire Cycle series


Tales of Kingshold




Author Spotlight

A.M. Justice: Soundtracks – guest post
A.Z. Anthony: Lessons from Writing 1,000,000 Words in 2018 – SPFBO guest post
Aderyn Wood: Dragonshade – SPFBO excerpt
Andy Peloquin: My Four Favorite Fantasy Anti-Stereotypes – guest post
Angie Grigaliunas SPFBO interview
Barbara Kloss SPFBO interview
Benedict Patrick interview
C.T. Phipps interview
D. P. Woolliscroft interview
Damien Black interview
Daniel E. Olesen interview
David Hambling interview
Jesse Teller: Waiting for the Sun to Go Down – guest post
Josh Erikson SPFBO interview
Justin Lee Anderson SPFBO interview
Kay L. Ling SPFBO interview
Keith McArdle: So You Want To Be An Author? – guest post
L.L. McNeil SPFBO interview
Lorri Moulton: Moonlight, Roses & Murder – SPFBO excerpt
Mark Lawrence SPFBO interview
Martin Owton: A Matter of Blood – short story
Megan Crewe SPFBO interview
Megan Mackie: The Finder of the Lucky Devil excerpt
Michael DeAngelo: Plot Generators: How to Always Have Ideas at the Ready – SPFBO guest post
Mike Shelton SPFBO interview
Mitchell Hogan: Shadow of the Exile – SPFBO excerpt
Patrick LeClerc SPFBO interview
Scott Kaelen SPFBO interview
Staci Olsen SPFBO interview
Steven McKinnon SPFBO interview
Steven Smith SPFBO interview
Toby Bennett SPFBO interview
Ulff Lehmann interview
Ulff Lehmann: The Shrouded Evil – short story

The Questioning

Author Edition: Ben Galley
Author Edition: Benedict Patrick
Author Edition: D.P. Woolliscroft
Author Edition: Daniel E. Olesen
Author Edition: Devin Madson
Author Edition: Jeramy Goble
Author Edition: Josh Erikson
Author Edition: Keith McArdle
Author Edition: Michael Baker
Author Edition: Steven McKinnon
Blogger Edition: David Walters (FanFiAddict)
Blogger Edition: Emma Davis
Blogger Edition: Filip Magnus
Blogger Edition: Jason Aycock
Blogger Edition: Jay Clementi
Blogger Edition: Jen (Bunnyreads)
Blogger Edition: Lynn Kempner (Grimmedian)
Blogger Edition: Mihir Wanchoo
Blogger Edition: Nick T. Borrelli
Blogger Edition: Swiff (Adam Weller)

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Cover Reveals

Cover Reveal: Chasing Graves by Ben Galley
Cover Reveal: A Ritual of Bone by Lee C. Conley
Cover Reveal: Legends of the Exiles by Jesse Teller
Cover Reveal: A Kingdom Under Siege + Wardens of Issalia Box Set by jeffrey L. Kohanek

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