Armed With A Bingo

Welcome to my Armed With A Bingo page!

This challenge is hosted by Kriti (Armed with a Book) and Ariel (@ariel_reads) and here is the main page of  the announcement where you can find out what cool prizes and things these two ladies came up with for this challenge! You can also still sign up if you want 🙂

This is where I’m going to keep track of the books I’ll be able to fit into the squares.

I decided not to try to decide ahead of time what I’m going to read for each prompt – though I do have ideas for more or less everything there – but I’d rather try to fit the books I read into the box. That way I save myself from the pressure and I’ll just have fun without looking at it as a competition. So what if I won’t read a book for every square? I’m pretty sure the world won’t stop.


My rules

  • I won’t count the books I read for SPFBO
  • I won’t count the books I read for editing purposes
  • I won’t count rereads and (audio)books I don’t write a review for

And here is my bingo card (by clicking on the cover, you can read my review):

A book published in 2020 An anthology or poetry collection A book in the middle of a series A book from the last decade (2010-2019) A book with multiple POVs
Camelot: The epic new novel from the author of Lancelot by [Giles Kristian] 52953130. sy475 Blight Marked 50212494 we are the dead
A book that a friend recommends A book that has a number in its title A young adult novel A dystopian novel A nonfiction book
A book written in a format other than third person A memoir A book of your choice A book about friendship / family A fantasy / science-fiction
36055895 Storytellers
A book by an indie author A book with a beautiful cover A book you saw someone else reading A book with a color in its name A bestseller book
Bring the Fire
A book which was a gift / borrowed A book longer than 500 pages A book you meant to read last year A book with a food included in the title
Faithless 52338603

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