Advent Book Calendar 2019

It’s December, the time when we are getting ready for the holidays and reflect on the past year. Last year Jen and I ran a series of posts where we highlighted 24 books we loved. We are doing something similar this year, but with less posting. We both made a list of our top 10 favourite reads in 2019 and we’ll reshare them one at a day. If you missed a day, you can always come back here and check it out!

We had a really busy year as we took part in SPFBO5, which demanded a lot of our reading time. That being said, we still read quite a lot of awesome books, and getting it down to 10 wasn’t easy to do.

Happy reading peeps, keep checking back, I will update this post as the month progresses. We hope you will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, probably with as many books as you can get your hands on!

8 The City Screams by Phil Williams
9 Kingshold by D.P. Woolliscroft Shattered Fears by Ulff Lehmann
10 Our Bloody Pearl by D. N. Bryn Fate Lashed by Josh Erikson



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