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Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to look around on RockStarlit BookAsylum. The story started in 2018 March, and this blog brought a lot of joy into my life ever since. I love reading – duh – and rock music and I wanted a place where I could bring these two passions of mine together.

What started as a book review site soon grew into something else – here you can find a wide selection of content from interviews through author spotlight posts to a weekly mental health journal of mine. This site is about as eclectic as I am and I’m always working on something new to give to my readers.

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Jen and Timy


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Owner of RockStarlit BookAsylum

My name is Timy, but some know me as Queen Terrible Timy. As you can see in the intro, RockStarlit BookAsylum is my baby. I was born and raised in the beautiful Budapest, Hungary, where I still live.

Reading always has been part of my life ever since I can remember, and even from before that. I got into Fantasy pretty late into my life, in my twenties, so I missed out on most of the classics. I was more into Historical Fiction, YA, Crime Fiction before I fell in love with an Urban Fantasy series and then there was no way back. These days I read mostly indie Fantasy books, but I still like to mix some other genres into my schedule to keep things interesting and prevent a burn out.

I recently started offering editorial services here and a blog/instagram/youtube tour offering services for indie SFF authors at Storytellers On Tour. The latter with the awesome Justine from Whispers & Wonder.

Oh, and I love rock and roll! Or let’s just say I’m addicted to music.


Jen Jen

Contributor at RockStarlit BookAsylum

Hi, I’m Jen (aka bunnyreads).

I live in the northern part of BC, where it’s winter for more of the year than I’d like. The plus side of not liking to be out in the cold, means I get to cuddle up under a blanket next to a fireplace and read.

I’d say ninety-percent of my reading at this point, is probably self-pub or new authors. I love finding great new authors and books. I read across most genres but the bulk of my reading is fantasy/sci-fi and a smattering of romance.

My husband and I have a few horses, free run some chickens, and of course there are bunnies… a lot of bunnies. The horses are his and the bunnies are mine, but he’s a good man and tries to love them too-even when they eat all his newly transplanted saplings. 

When I’m not reading, or doing farm and animal chores – I love listening to music, painting, tv and movies, and walking.