A Week In My Head

A Week in My Head is some kind of journal of all the things that went on in my head the past week. Be it succes, struggle or just some random ramblings. I know it doesn’t replace professional counselling, but this is my kind of therapy – talking it out of myself in this way. Join me if you want and feel free to share your experiences. I’m sure we can learn from each other and A Week in My Head will be a less lonely time.

The entries so far:

January 5th: Entry 1 The 1st entry in my new online #mentalhealth journal. This one is mostly an introduction and a show off of my new #bulletjournal.
January 12th: Entry 2 In which I talk about why I’m feeling like an outsider most of the time.
January 19th: Entry 3 In which I focus on all the positive things that happened this week which helped me get through the shit days.

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