What’s to come? – March 2020

It’s March! Spring is in the air and I have a LOT of things coming up this month I think you will love. At least I hope so, because I put a lot of work into all of them and I’d hate if they were all for nothing. I will not tell you all of my secrets just yet, but I definitely will give you a sneak peek!

I levelled up my game and the links of the books lead to their GR pages and if you click on the covers, then that lead to their Amazon pages (hopefully the one local to you).


Book(s) I plan to read in March

I really need to get my ass back to reading SPFBO finalists, and hopefully things will calm down enough to focus more on reading than I did in February. Also, my reading had become fickle as fuck *sigh*

 beg Bring the Fire BE    

Audiobooks I plan to listen to in March

36055895 820480


Books I plan to review in addition to the ones above

Sovereign Blight Marked


We stepped into the fourth month of the Final phase. Our reviewing will begin in earnest, and I actually have a list what you can expect from us in March:

41886271 44300799. sy475 41063986. sy475

You can always check out my SPFBO 5 Finals page! It doesn’t have much information on it yet, but that’s where I’ll keep updating our process and where you can find everything relevant to the competition. Of course the SPFBO 5 Phase 1 page is still up and running, so you can always find out what happened in the first 5 months of the competition!


Other bookish plans

We are still a bit on the low side with reviews due to our other commitments, so probably will have a couple more conversational blog posts or something. I still encourage you to reach out if you’d like to be featured with a guest post, cover reveal or you’d like to take part in any of my features. I’m happy to collaborate with authors and help to promote your work!



Time permitting, I hope to give you a special interview. All I can say, it won’t be an author one.


The 2nd Anniversary

I’ve been going on about this for months now, and it’s finally here and I’m so EXCITED to finally tell you all about what I planned. Of course I’ll have a bit soppy, long ass post highlihgting the past year, as I did last year. I apologise beforehand 😀 And I will introduce 2 new features, which I hope you’ll love, because I definitely loved working on them.

What the Hungarian?!

This is a fun project, where I tortured some of my blogger friends with my beautiful language and then watched them struggle. I swear it’s entertaining. To me anyway. I’m hoping to make it into a regular thing, permitted you guys will like it.


To Be Continued…

I’d rather not say much about this as I want maximum impact. It’s going to be awesome, I promise. You’ve no idea how hard it is to keep this all a secret and not shout about it over the rooftop. Sooooon.


The New Design

To celebrate the 2nd birthday of the blog this month, I decided to update the design a tiny bit. Originally the plan was to move the blog to a new server and have a complete makover with using another theme, but due to unforseen circumstances we decided to move it to the summer. Which is also kind of easier on me on many levels. So, for now only the graphics will be updated. I have a completely new set of feature images, and a new set of banners all over social media. This banner was originally made at the same time as the previous one, and back then I practically decided between the two with tossing a coin. It got a bit updated as well, and I still love the hell out of it. You can already see all of those, but let’s get a closer look at some elements:

Updated Logos

I just couldn’t miss this opportunity to add a tiny bit of modification to the already existing logos. A teeny tiny crown! I’ve been in love with these from the beginning, but now they are really perfect.

And look at the badass 3D version which will be on the feature images!


Okay, now, onto my probably most favourite part of the new design!


Rating system

Let me introduce you my new updated rating system! From now on, I’ll pass “judgement” after each review and will be using the following design to express feelings. It took me a while to get it into this form, but I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results.

1 crown1,5 crowns2 crowns2,5 crowns3 crowns3,5 crowns4 crowns4,5 crowns5 crowns

I hope you guys like these changes. I confess it was hard to say goodbye to the old feature images, because I still freaking love them, 1.5 years later and I’m known to get bored of things easily. But I had to admit that the design was far from being unified thanks to the later additions. So my graphic designer and I agreed to have template which would make it easier for him if I needed any addition and the overall look won’t change with it either.


Writing Plans

I’m still bad at making a habit out of writing, but I hope things will calm down a bit soon. Or not. Anyway, at least I made a bit of progress with one of my WIPs and I’m about to figure it out where it might be going. It will be inspired by Hungarian folklore so I’ll have to do a bit of research regarding that. I’m super excited to work on this and I have a good feeling about it. I’m hoping to push to 2.5K words by the end of the month.


Other Plans

A Week in My Head

I got used to this feature and I think it was a good idea to start it. I might no do it every single week, but it definitely helps to keep my head and emotions in check. So, expect more of this one!

You can always check my A Week in My Head page to find all the entries!


Well, I think that’s it. Follow me if you like either on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (I don’t have much content on that platform yet)!


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