Cover Reveal: Cursebreaker by Carol A. Park

For those who follow SPFBO, Carol A. Park‘s name might be familiar. She had two books in the competitions in as many years – the first book in The Heretic Gods series, Banebringer last year; then Sweetblade, the prequel stand alone novel this year. And now it’s time that you get a good look at the second book in the series, Cursebreaker‘s stunning cover!

Cursebreaker will be released on December 12th, but you can already pre-order here!

The Author

Carol A. Park

Carol A. Park is a fantasy author who lives in the Lancaster, PA area with her husband and two young and active boys–which is another way of saying, “adorable vampires.” She loves reading (duh), writing (double-duh), music, movies, and other perfectly normal things like parsing Hebrew verbs and teaching herself new dead languages. She has two master’s degrees in the areas of ancient near eastern studies and languages.

The Cover


Cursebraker full

The design was made by Brit K. Caley. Check out their other works on her website!

The Blurb

“Having incredible power and wielding it to force the weak to bow doesn’t make you a god,” he said. “Only a tyrant.”

After being exposed by Vaughn and the Ichtaca, the Conclave has now cast off all pretense and seized the reins of power in the Setanan Empire—and they just might have a god on their side.

Vaughn is thrust into the center of this conflict. While the Ichtaca seek political allies, he seeks a way to counter the might of a god. But the only lead he has is written in a language no one understands, and time is running out.

Ivana wants nothing more than to be left alone, but her past has a way of finding her. With the Setanan Empire falling apart around her, she'll have to make a decision that will determine more than just her own destiny.

Demonspawn. Gifted. Godtouched. Banebringers are called by many names, but will they ever be called human?

A Word from Carol A. Park

I am so excited for the upcoming release of Cursebreaker, the second book in The Heretic Gods trilogy! The cover was illustrated and designed by the talented Brit K. Caley, who also designed the covers for Banebringer and Sweetblade. Brit and I felt it was important that the cover had the same “feel” as the Banebringer cover. So, like Banebringer, we chose a chapter from the book for inspiration that features the ubiquitous monsters of the world, called bloodbane. Brit ran with the concept and once again captured the mood and atmosphere of the book so well. I’m super pleased with how the cover turned out and can’t wait for fans of Banebringer to finally read part two of Vaughn and Ivana’s story!

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You can now pre-order Cursebreaker here! It’ll be released on December 12th.

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