What’s to come? – April 2019

So, this is a slow week, and I was supposed to write a review, but I just can’t be arsed to do it right now, so decided I’ll bring back the Sneak Peek instead. It’s been a while I had these monthly posts, but life was quite hectic and in the end I usually ended up with totally different reading schedules, lol. Well, I’m not going to pretend that I’ll stick to this list, though I most probably will this time around.

Okay, so I leveled up my game and the links of the books lead to their GR pages and if you click on the covers, then that lead to their Amazon.com pages.

Books I plan to read in April

Fate Lashed  Ghosts of Gotham  Tides of Mana

Audiobooks I plan to listen to in April

HP and the Chamber of Secrets  HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban  The Six-Gun Tarot

Books I plan to review in addition to the ones above

  • Lamb by Christopher Moore (I’m so sorry I still haven’t got around to do this…)
  • I’m still debating whether I will do a review of the Harry Potter books

HP and the Philosopher's Stone  Lamb

Other bookish plans

SPFBO Interviews

My SPFBO interviews will go on, there are still a few finalists left I haven’t made an interview with yet. Probably 2 will come your way, but let their identity be secret just yet 😉


The Questioning

Seeing as it was pretty popular, I’m bring The Questioning back! But rest assured, I won’t dump as much on you all as I did during the past two weeks. I only plan one Author Edition and Blogger Edition a month, so it won’t get boring.


A Secret Project

I’ve been asked to take part in a project, but as it’s not public yet, I can’t talk about it much. All I can say is keep your eyes open as news soon will come your way 😉

Other plans

April will be a busy month, at least the second half. Easter my least favorite holiday is on its way – the only good thing is the 4 days long weeken. But for my sufferings I can rejoice, when one of my favorite bands, Poets of the Fall comes to Budapest on April 25th. I already have my VIP ticket and a half promise to make an interview with them! I need to contact their management again to see if they are able to do it, but when I first asked, they were pretty positive about it. After than, I’ll be off for a 3 day long weekend not far from the city. I booked and apartmant in a small town right next to the Danube, with a view to the river. It’ll be heaven. And a little calm before the storm which is my cousin’s wedding on the first saturday of May. Btw, he is the same cousin I’ve lost in the wood – if you are not familiar with the story, read my answers to Devin Madson’s questions.

And if all these stress wouldn’t be enough – the Secret Project, the possible interview – I’m waiting to hear back from a company where I applied to a job. It would be a small miracle if they invited me for an interview, but I keep my fingers crossed, and try not to have high hopes.

Well, I think that’s it. Follow me if you like either on twitter, facebook, or instagram (I don’t have much content on that platform yet)!


2 thoughts on “What’s to come? – April 2019

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    1. Mwhahaha, nice try! Details will come next week so you don’t have to wait long 😉 I’ll be shouting about it on social media so you’ll know about it, no worries 😀

      Thanks! 🙂 I’m reeeeeeally hoping I’ll get an interview at this one place. If not, well, then I’ll just have to make my own path 🙂

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