Song of the day: Keep Your Secret by Fish!

Suffice to say I’m not in the best of moods today. I’ve been not sleeping well in the past 2 months, but I somehow managed. The last two nights though… I’m totally beaten and I struggle to keep my eyes open, not talking about functioning properly and doing my work. Fun day I’ll have, I can see. The good thing is, we have a nice 4 days long weekend ahead of us, which possibly will get me back on track sleeping (and other) wise. What wouldn’t I do to own a Time Turner of my own on days like this…

Anyway, since I don’t drink coffee, the only way I can keep myself going is some hard rock and staying busy. As long as I can focus on something, I’ll be fine. Hopefully. My go to music for this ocassion (as well as others) usually is Breaking Benjamin, but I’m just in the mood for that. I want something more uplifting so to speak. So today I opt to listen to my favorite (and about the only I listen to regularly and go to their concerts) Hungarian band Fish!. Their music is pretty mixed – pop, rock, punk, alternative and usually have a positive vibe to them. Partly thanks to their lyrics. I learned about them back in 2009/2010 when a friend at university showed me one of their songs. I went to their concert soon after and I am pretty much stuck to them ever since 🙂 It was also one of the first shows I attended and there is no stopping 🙂 Fish! were the warm up band and altough it was a nice sunny Fall evening, we ended up drenched by the end of the second show. Gotta love open air venues… (my oddly strange relationship with rain didn’t help either). Fish! recently switched to hungarian lyrics and started to gain their name. Today they are one of the most popular touring bands in the country. I try to attend at least one of their shows every year, sometimes two or three, but since they are pretty busy they only held one or two bigger shows in Budapest. For some stupid reason I didn’t attend their show in January and now I have to wait until Fall 😦 At least they are working on a new album 🙂

Without babbling more, I present today’s song (it’s one of their early ones when they wrote english lyrics. Also this is one of my favorites from the early days):

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