Song of the Day: Hellevator by Thundermother

After a not too long, restless night I woke up feeling like, well, like shit. No nice way around it. Then this song hit my ears:

Now this got me out of bed (late, as always… let’s just say I’m not a morning person), singing and dancing around no less… Yep, I tend to do that when no one is around. I’ve been quite fond of this song anyway for a while now. Apart from female characters in books I’m also no fan of female singers. Altough there are some exceptions, like Lzzy Hale from Halestorm and the all female svedish rock band Thundermother. They just released their new album in February btw, so if you like the song above, check them out. They rock!

It’s a small miracle I even know about this band. Honestly, I don’t believe in coincidences so I guess it had to happen. Sometime last year I got around to listen to The Dead Dasies, about a week after that I learned that they are coming to Budapest, but the show was already sold out. A bummer. But then, the band (and their management more like) seeing it was pretty popular, they released some last minute tickets. Of course I scored one, so lucky me! I usually get to a show just before the main band comes up (except if I’m also interested in the warm up band, of course). I planned to get the the venue about half an hour earlier. Then a few hours before the show I decided to check out the support band: Thundermother. I don’t know what inspired me to do so, but damn, I was pretty much blown away, so decided to go and see them. Not many people attended their show, it was obvious people here don’t know them, so mostly early arrivers were loitering about. They had great energy and they pretty much pumped up the people who decided to show up early. By the end of their short set they got the audience. Getting home I purchased all of their available songs and they are sitting in my player since then.

To be honest, I enjoyed their show more than The Dead Dasies’, mainly because I stood somewhere in the middle, and had no chance to see anything. Ironically, The Dead Dasies comes again to us in April, and I already have my ticket, but this time I really am more interested in their support act, a band from Germany, The New Roses. I plan to write a review about that, and I’m certain one of their songs will pop up in this Music Corner sooner or later 🙂

As always, rock out people! 🙂

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