Song of the Day: Follow by Breaking Benjamin

It’s no secret that I am a big lover of rock music and that it has influenced my clothing style and probably more aspects of my life than I would care to admit. Those who know me might already recognised my addiction to music. I don’t even leave the house without my player. No way in hell. Back then when I started to meet my brother regularly (long story) I mentioned to him that I was a music addict. A few months later he dropped by to give me some stuff and I came down to him with my earplugs in. He laughed and said I really was a music addict. I was like: yeah, I know, I told you so. Also, the really first thing I do in the morning? You guessed right, I put my earplugs in, which means I’m quite awake to do it, but I still have about 15 minutes till I wake up fully. Anyway, I could go on proving I’m a lunatic (not long ago someone actually called me a lunatic, because I read one of his older books, weird right?), but I’ll have plenty of time to do that in the future, no worries 🙂

Not everyday, but quite often I come across a song, which instantly becomes my Song Of The Day. Not always clear why that particular song: sometimes it’s just hits me out of the blue, sometimes it triggers memories, sometimes it’s a new song I just heard, sometimes because I find a new meaning for that song, sometimes because it just pops in my head.

Today’s song is:

My player is on shuffle mode and this song came up and brought a smile to my face. Not because it’s such a happy song mind you, but because it made me remember of last summer. 2017 was a good year music wise. I’ve got to see my two favorite bands for the first time: Breaking Benjamin and Seether (more of this later). To see Breaking Benjamin I had to sell my sould, but it was totally worth it. They came to Sziget Festival (for those who are not European: this is one of the biggest european music festival, held in Budapest every summer, it’s quite a big deal). Being a bit antisocial and absolutely hating mass I never set foot on the Island (Sziget means island, and obviously, it is on an island). It also helped that those bands I like hardly come to perform here. Until last year. When the Breaking Benjamin show was announced I knew I had no choice, so purchased a ticket, ignored the voice in my head and decided to go. Thankfully they played on a smaller stage and around 10 pm (no heat, yay!). I was lucky, because I got to stand in the first line! I arrived an hour early, the previous band was on. I stood in the third line then a girl standing before me let me go forward (I’m pretty small btw, and since I go to concerts I think this might have been the first time someone actually let me stood before them – she could see anyway and I had the chance to see as well) and a guy left his place in the first line and there I was. Of course the show was awesome, though Ben’s mic could have been set louder. I could hardly hear his voice which is a pity. Of course they played some of their biggest hits from earlier albums and Dark Before Down. Follow me was one of those songs (also one of my top 5 BB songs as well). I’ve been wanting to see them live for about 10 years now. They are absolutely my favorite band! I also often listen to them when I’m angry, or in a bad mood or when I’m writing. I love to write to BB songs.

Since Ben is battling with phobias, it’s pretty hard for them to organise a European tour. Ben doesn’t sets foot on a plane so he comes over by boat, which takes a longer time – altough I think it’s more romantic in a way. Plus the few years long hiatus followed by a legal issue between Ben and his ex-bandmates didn’t make me any hopeful that I’ll ever see them. I got lucky :)) Hopefully they enjoyed Hungary’s hospitality and will consider to come back again, this time playing in a smaller venue. Until then, their new album, Ember comes out on 13rd April.

Keep on rocking people! 🙂

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