Welcome to my crazy world!

Hello Stranger!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to look around on my site. Since you are already here, let me introduce myself. My name is Timy (short for Tímea in case you wondered, but I don’t really like it so I go with Timy whenever I can). I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. I have to mention here that English is only my second language so please excuse my grammar mistakes you’ll surely come across in my reviews and posts. I was mostly self taught so I’m bound to make mistakes. However, I try to improve so please let me know if I made a stupid mistake somewhere so I could right it and learn the proper way.

As far as I can remember I mostly had two addictions in my life: music and books (reading and writing alike). I’ve been wanting to create a blog around these two things for some time, but somehow the timing was always off. Until now. Lately some people steered me toward this path. And here I am, writing this article. Now you ask, how this all going to work out? Honestly, I have no idea, but I’m willing to try and see how it goes. I’m pretty excited too! 🙂

The main focus will be on books, since I read about 4 books a month, or more depending on time and my mood. You’ll come across mostly fantasy (urban, epic, dark, grimdark, etc.) book reviews, some historical fiction here and there and I plan to read some classics these days too. Later I plan to add some interviews and other articles based on books, news, new releases, etc. As for music, I am a well known rock lover so I guess you can tell by this point I’m going to concentrate on that genre. I’m going to go some pretty cool concerts this year, so I will write some reviews about them.

Now that I made my introduction and stole enough time from you, it’s time to have some fun! If you like what you see here, please follow me on facebook and twitter as well. You can drop by and say hi, or leave comments whenever you feel like. I only ask to respect others’ opinion and don’t be a douche. Hope you’ll enjoy yourself and we’ll have a great time together!



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